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Create and share your own Little Book of Pedagogues. Or use the resources here to create your own little book on a topic you would like to share with the world...


Four Simple Steps

Follow these four simple steps to join in the fun!...

Share the joy of learning and discovery with others.


First decide what you want to create your little book on. Choosing a topic you're passionate about is always a good place to start.


Enjoy the process! This should be an intrinsically satisfying project. Let your enthusiasm infect those who discover your book.


Use the resources on this website to help you create your printable little book. Click on the How-To or Resources tab at the top.


Post a picture of your book on instagram and share a link to to a downloadable file if you want others to be able to print your book.

Considering sharing with others online

Join the community and share your work with the world!

Create your own Little Book of Pedagogues to read, color, and enjoy. Or print one to share by leaving it somewhere another curious mind might find it (like a library, coffee shop table, or a little free library). I encourage you to go one step further and create your own little book to share based on a topic you are personally interested in. 

Take a picture of your little book and share it with the world on instagram or twitter using the hashtag #littlebookof and/or tag @littlebookofpedagogues on instagram. Can't wait to see what you create!

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